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A salon experience like no other. Where luxury resides, inclusivity thrives, and technical expertise reign supreme.

Welcome to Beau.




BEAU is the brainchild of Armineh Damanpak & Thom Robins, pioneers in contemporary Canadian hairstyling. Joining them are some of Vancouver’s premier haircare talent, multi-award-winning stylists selected for their passion, dedication, and forward-thinking approach to beauty, service, hairstyling, colouring, and personal aesthetics.

Housed on a quaint corner of Vancouver’s vibrant Yaletown community, BEAU welcomes all genders and identities with the mantra of inclusivity and personal expression. Experience a redefined standard in approachable luxury and a design that encompasses the familiar yet challenges the norm.

With services and amenities designed to create a private oasis amongst the trials of city life and the complexities of modern-day haircare and styling, we have designed a space, service menu, and language fit for an ever-changing industry and customer demand.

At .Beau we believe that no one template can be created for all. Instead, we focus on the idea that bespoke is best and that we all thrive when we are all heard and considered for our uniqueness. We have partnered with premier interior and aesthetic specialists, science-based haircare lines, and communication experts, all in the name of creating the finest experience for our guests.


Born out of a desire for a reimagined salon experience, Armineh and Thom connected on an idea that blossomed into a re-imagined salon brand, one where all are welcome, technical expertise leads the way and service remains a consistent narrative that is never compromised.

How do you take something that exists and make it unique? You start from zero and count to ten.

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